Honey Grove's is an artisan bakery located in Comox Valley. They do a traditional long ferment on their bread to enhance flavour, nutrient bio-availability and ease of digestion. All sourdough loaves are made with all Organic Canadian flours and naturally leavened with their 8 year old starter.




The Miller Loaf

A local favourite! Bread Flour, Whole wheat, Rye, Seeds (Pumpkin, White Sesame, Black Sesame, Flax) Cereal (Buckwheat, Millet)


The Shepherd Loaf

A classic stable of the Love Local Food Box and is a Red Fife, Rye, and Bread Flour loaf.


The Mystic Loaf

A specialty loaf (and a personal favourite of ours)! Bread Flour, Red Fife, Caramelized Onion, Turmeric, Black Mustard, Cilantro.


All loaves come freshly sliced for your convenience.

Honey Grove Bread


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