Hillcrest raises all of their animals and field crops in a way that promotes animal health, regenerative land practices and a tasty product. Raised in the Comox Valley and butchered here as well.


Meat Options: 


Pork Chops

Hillcrest pork is pasture raised through the summer and finished on apples through the fall. Their home grown grain contributes to the feed as well. Pigs love to dig, be outside and run around. They let their animals fully express their piggishness, rooting around, and you really can taste the difference.


Ground Beef

Grass-fed, sustainable beef is a passion at Hillcrest Farm. They practice rotational grazing, which means they move their cows to fresh pasture every 12-24 hours. The result is a well fed, healthy, happy and stress-free animal. In their wake is soil that is alive and part of a thriving system. The finished product is a leaner and more flavourful, tender and tasty product.


Italian Pork Sausages

A Hillcrest specialty made from their farm raised pork, processed at Gunter Bros. 1lb packages, frozen and vacuum sealed.


All are in 1lb approx. packages, frozen and vacuum sealed.

Hillcrest Farm - Meats

PriceFrom C$9.00

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